Want to start flying with WealdenFlyers?

 Just thinking about starting the hobby?

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If you are a total beginner or are returning to flying after a long break which seems to happen to most people then you may need some training.

Learning to fly

We have registered instructors although it is fine for you to be taught by ANY member who has passed their A TEST. If you do not know anyone with an A test to teach you then please contact one of our instructors – see the panel on the left of this page.

It is the trainees obligation to arrange meetings with the trainers or other members training them. Trainers do not get paid for this they are doing it in their own time – the club also does not charge for training so please be mindful of this when you are contacting someone to teach you. And remember that they also want to fly! Having said that trainers love teaching so go ahead and contact one of us.

So you haven’t passed your A test?

Members without A tests are not permitted to fly unaided so must have an experienced member helping them and if possible use a buddy system.

For more details on the tests please check out the BMFA Booklet or their website– see the links page.